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Greg PrendergastBranch Manager

NMLS: 282182

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Greg embodies over 30 years of real estate, finance, development and construction experience. Over his career he has been involved in just about every facet of real estate, which includes financing, building, purchasing and selling.

Intrinsically what is most important to Greg is the Client. “I strive to really get to know each client. I want to be able to provide them with the very best possible service and at the same time provide them with an amazing experience. There is no greater personal satisfaction then helping someone make a dream come true.” Greg continues to say, “My mission is to get you the right loan.

I take a consultative approach to the home loan process with each client by customizing each financing solution. This in turn helps the customer achieve their financial goals.” Greg’s experience allows complete comprehension of the process each client goes through to secure a home loan.

Whether a refinance, purchase of an existing home, purchase of a new home or a custom built home, he can help achieve your goals. Working with a client to get them a home loan is incredibly intimate.

A home is where you will build memories and relationships. It is where you’ll shout Uno or Yahtzee! It’s where your baby takes their first steps, where promotions are celebrated, where you feel the warmth of laughter, and listen to the sound of clinking glasses.

A home is much more than a financial investment and much more than numbers. You are much more than your credit score, down payment ability or percentage of equity. With Greg you get a lender for life.

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc
Eastside Branch
2150 North 107th St, Suite 300
Seattle , WA 98133
Office: (206) 973-2110
Cell: (206) 605-1385
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