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Jennette HalversonLoan Officer

NMLS: 487457

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I have been involved in the real estate and mortgage banking industry most of my adult life. It is not only a way of making a living it is an ever changing, challenging and personally rewarding endeavor to take on every day. The industry changes constantly and those changes are often the result of economic conditions we have no control over. They offer opportunities to learn new or different ways of doing things that keep me thinking and growing in our industry. Each client brings the challenge of new and different financial situations and personal needs that cause me to think about things from a different perspective and find different solutions for them. When I succeed in closing a loan for someone I get to see their lives change, as they move into their first home, or achieve the goals of a larger home, a new location, improve an existing home or acquire a financial investment. It is amazing to get to be a part of those kind of life changes.

I have worked at a number of companies through the years and I try to choose companies that share my commitment to the quality of the business I do and the way I work with my clients. My personal focus is to always put my client’s needs first. To make the process as clear and simple as I can for them, and to put them in the best financial situation I possibly can. It is financially and personally rewarding to hear back from clients over the years when they are ready to make a new investment or refer their friends and family to me.

It is an exciting, challenging and rewarding industry that I love being a part of.

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc
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